Refined Cannabinoid Extract

We want to share the generous gift from the nature of  Yunnan, the world of mountains and home of rivers.

About Us


Herbatract is founded by an beautiful accident which the two Taiwanese founders bumped into the magic of cannabinoid. As a pioneer in herbal extract industry in Asia, our team found the precious land of Yunnan with her ideal condition to grow hemp. Yunnan is covered with 94%  of mountainous land and is the origin of many great rivers in Asian continent.

We have been in the hemp and CBD industry in Yunnan since 2019 and grew deep connection with local supply chains. Our capability to supply Cannabinoid to international clients on extract material and customized product is the key to share the generosity of Yunnan’s nature.

Core Value

We provide easy access for business to entry a complicated herbal industry. Our all-around problem solving ability has helped business sharing the essence of Cannabinoids to the world.

Legally Complied

We deeply understand the risk behind Cannabinoid opportunities and its legal status in different countries. Our team of compliance makes sure all conducted business legal and free from any criminal charge.

Ecologically Planted

The best gift came from nature, and that is what we offer. We insist on providing the best from Yunnan, the sunshine, land, water and the whole ecology as one.

Solutions Integrated

We solve problems and make things easier for a complicated industry. Our deeply rooted chain can provide solution from material to market, empowering the ability of sharing for any business.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’ s all good to ask questions.

Especially best before taking action.

We provide world-wide shipment support, as long as the local regulation allows import of such product. Regulations could be very different based on the form of product, such as extracts or cosmetics. Our team will conduct a legal research before telling you the answer.



We are confident in providing the best Cannabinoid extract on the market. Our deeply rooted production chain in China also provides all possibility of products. 

Herbatract believe the form of Cannabinoid consumption has not yet been liberated due to production and legal limitation. It is our job to explore the potential with anyone who is interested.

We are a Taiwan-based company focusing on sharing the benefit of natural Cannabinoid extract to everyone in the world. Our founders come from Taiwan and are dedicated to such movement.

Taiwan itself has not allowed free trade for Cannabinoids, but has provided a rather safe and legal environment for international trading. We love this place and wish it legalize in the near future.

We committed ourselves to the mission of sharing Cannabinoids to everyone. That’s how you know we are serious in doing long-term business.

Regardless of our internal causes, Herbatract can help your business thrive with Cannabinoids by providing OEM and ODM for your product in competitive price. Our mission is always sharing before profiting.

Make a quick contact with Herbatract team. We will share our insight after understanding your goal. Then we will comeup with the best solution possible to make it happen.

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